Great Win!

Great Win Ladies! This whole season was dedicated to Mrs Barinder Ghuman and how fitting it is to get the ultimate win for her! Ladies, you played an awesome game! All season long, you have demonstrated great team work and sportsmanship. A special thanks to captain Lauren in her leadership and dedication to the team! A special thanks to Raj and Lavleen Panji for their awesome play on the field and continuing loyalty to Elite Hockey. Not enough thanks can go to Coach Doug for his endless dedication and commitment. It is always received with immense gratitude! A big thanks to Rockey and Amandeep pauji for their endless input and support. Thanks to the parents for all the encouragement and cheering on the sidelines. And last but not least, we wish Mrs Barinder Ghuman a speed recovery and await her presence at our upcoming games!

Keep enjoying and loving this great game of hockey! Great Season everyone!

IMG_7917 IMG_7925

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